Hi, this my profile page

🇫🇷 Joël Séguillon.

Empowering others to independently accomplish tasks rather than opening Jira tickets

Giving the best of my experience to help companies to shift and operate their services with the help of Kubernetes, automation systems and a mix of coaching and devops culture.

About Me

20 years in IT: from java dev to lead java/php/spa, from writing specs to managing projects, from installing postfix to deploying on premises Kubernetes. I now help people to leverage and demistify modern techologies.

Most loved:
  • Kubernetes
  • Gitlab
  • Ansible
  • Kubevirt
  • Python
  • Kubernetes :)

Recent projects

SRE - Siradel
Transforming legacy docker-compose to k8s. WIP
Devops - IdNow
Ansible and gitlab to CD both on prem k8s-cluster and other infra stuffs but also apps
Kubernetes and Ansible expert - Ateme
Customisation of kubespray to deploy full offline Kubernetes clusters, deployed on customers sites, for broadcasting and converting videos. Up to 70 machines with tons of CPUs, SR-IOV networks and specfic GPU hardware !
Service: 17 years of growing up - Niji
When I entered Niji, it was company of 18. When I left it we were more than 800. Dev, lead, tests, automations, ops, project management, software factory creator an maintainer… An amazing experience💙

Get in Touch

My inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, I’ll try my best to get back to you!